Can You Use Waze on a Boat

No, you cannot use Waze on a boat. While Waze may be able to provide directions for driving, it is not equipped to give directions for boats. There are other navigation apps available that are better suited for boaters, such as Boat Beacon or Marine Navigator.

  • Download the Waze app onto your smartphone
  • Open the Waze app and search for your destination
  • Select the route that you want to take and start navigation
  • Once you have started navigation, drive to your destination following the directions provided by Waze
  • If you come across any obstacles or traffic along the way, be sure to report it in the app so that other users are aware of it as well
Can You Use Waze on a Boat

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Is There an App for Boating Directions?

There sure is! If you’re looking for a boating app to help with navigation, there are several options available. Some popular choices include Navionics Boating, i-Boating: GPS Nautical / Marine Charts & Maps, and Boat Beacon – AIS Navigation.

All of these apps offer features like real-time tracking, route planning, and nautical charts. So whether you’re new to boating or a seasoned captain, there’s an app out there that can help make your next trip a success.

Is There a Google Maps for Boating?

Yes, there is a Google Maps for boating! This map can be found by searching for “boating” in the Google Maps app or by visiting The map shows nearby marinas, docks, and other boating-related points of interest.

You can also use the map to find boat ramps, moorings, and other water access points.

Can I Use My Phone As a Boat Gps?

Yes, you can use your phone as a boat GPS. There are a few different apps that you can download that will allow you to do this. One of the most popular is called Navionics.

This app will allow you to create waypoints, track your course, and see your current position on a map.

What is the Best Free App for Marine Navigation?

There are a few different ways to answer this question, so we’ll start with the most popular free app for marine navigation according to Google Play – Marine Navigation by Navionics. This app boasts over 2 million downloads and an average rating of 4.6 stars, so it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re in the market for a free marine navigation app. Some of the key features that make Marine Navigation by Navionics stand out from the competition include its worldwide offline charts (with updates available as needed), AIS support, route planning and tracking, depth contours and tide information.

It also integrates with a number of popular GPS devices and chart plotters, making it a great option for boaters who want to use their mobile device as a secondary or backup navigational tool. Another free marine navigation app that’s worth considering is SeaNav US by Digitalyacht Ltd. This app has similar features to Marine Navigation by Navionics, but also includes some handy extras like weather information (including tides, currents and forecast data), social media integration and the ability to overlay satellite imagery on your charts.

SeaNav US is only available for iOS devices at the moment, but an Android version is in development. Finally, we should mention iSailGPS by Memory-Map Inc., which is another popular option for iOS users (an Android version is also reportedly in development). iSailGPS offers many of the same features as the other apps mentioned above, but also includes some unique capabilities like integrated NOAA raster chart support and real-time wind data overlays.

One downside of iSailGPS compared to some of the other options is that it doesn’t offer offline charting capability, so you’ll need an active internet connection while using the app.

Police say Waze traffic app could put officers at risk

How to Use Wavve Boating App

If you love boating, then you need to check out Wavve! This app is designed to make your boating experience better by providing detailed information about the weather and water conditions. With Wavve, you can view real-time data from over 50,000 buoys around the world.

The app also provides forecasted data so you can plan your trip accordingly. In addition, Wavve allows you to track your boat’s GPS location and share it with others. You can even create a custom map of your favorite boating spots!


Yes, you can use Waze on a boat. You can either use it as a GPS to track your location and plot your course, or you can use the traffic and incident reports to avoid congestion on the waterways.


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